Resalta launches third project with Atlantic Grupa for technological steam and heating

Resalta is undertaking its third project with Atlantic Grupa at its Palanački Kiseljak production facility near Smederevska Palanka, Serbia. Following a power factor correction project in 2018 and a process cooling project in 2019, Resalta will now supply technological steam and hot water for heating at the food processing plant.

The Palanački Kiseljak production makes soft drinks for Atlantic Group and bottles water, under brand names such as Cockta. The factory had two low pressure light fuel oil boilers for steam production, that had a 1.1 t/h capacity. The boilers were over 35 years old and both inefficient, unreliable and costly. Resalta’s solution is to replace them with a new low-pressure natural gas boiler for steam production, with 1.4 t/h capacity. This exceeds the maximal possible consumption of steam by the plant, as established by Resalta’s measurements, and as such should easily meet the client’s needs at all times. In addition, two new modular gas condensate boilers with a combined power of 300 kW will be installed for heating the administrative and logistics buildings, the production hall and the warehouse.

Resalta, besides having carried out the project design, will carry out all the required works and installations, including all electrical and construction works, auxiliary installations, pipeline adjustments, measurements, and other necessary elements. The measures will result in a reduction of CO2 emissions by 100 tons each year and will generate nearly 70% of cost savings on heating and steam production for the client once the contract expires.

Resalta will finance the whole project and take care of implementation as well as operations and maintenance, with the client paying off the investment from achieve savings over a contractual period of 8 years. Resalta takes on all risks, including financial and technical, while the client enjoys a new heating system with higher efficiency and reliability, as well as a lower environmental impact. Atlantic Group as an industry leader in the region and a socially responsible company is dedicated to sustainable development and preserving the environment.

Resalta is a leading energy services company in Southeast Europe. It provides turnkey solutions to private and public sector clients following the ESCO model: for each energy efficiency project, Resalta offers a full service from energy audits to design, implementation, maintenance and financing. Clients repay Resalta’s investment from realized savings, and Resalta takes on all project risks, technological as well as financial. With a team of experts from the fields as diverse as engineering, finance, implementation, and others, Resalta has successfully carried out over 180 projects for over 120 different clients, including the City of Ljubljana, Gorenje, Atlantic Grupa, Mercator, the City of Novigrad, and many others. In addition to energy efficiency projects, Resalta also develops renewable energy projects such as biomass plants and photovoltaics.

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